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“Do you wish to fight, monster?" Fael asks, usual clothing consisting of dark breeches, tunic and shirt, as well as a pitch black hooded cloak, his face concealed by a strange shadow that seemingly comes out of no where.


     Monster? Well, fuck you too, pal. 

      A sigh escaped the shade, arms folding across his chest. "Is this how y’always greet people, or am I jus’ special?" he drawled, making no move to draw his weapon. "And no, thank you for askin’: I don’t want to fight.” He’d had more than his fair share of such duels lately, and he wasn’t in the mood for any more. He simply wanted to be left in peace, but it seemed that this world had other ideas…

ARTIST: Imagine Dragons;
ALBUM: Monster;
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i get the feeling just because
everything I touch isn’t dark enough
that this problem lies in me


      "…Why is it always so damn quiet. 
      I think ‘t’s going t’drive me insane.”


More or less it answered her question enough. what he said was true, at least she assumed, she rarely slept.

Though she looked around at his question, a brief shimmer to silver skin before focusing on him again. "It’s a tad hard to explain, I felt a visitor." There was a loose gesture outside of the surrounding rock face. "Connected to this tundra if you will."

      "…Connected to it?" Well, maybe it was like him and the room in the Water Temple… "Oh. Tha’… makes sense, I guess." Not really, but hey. He’d heard stranger things in his time. 
       Wait, did this mean that he was intruding––? "…Shit. Am I on your land or somethin’?" That really wasn’t what he needed right now; he already had enough trouble on his hands as it was.


If not for lack of being around people, she wouldn’t look like a living crystal. But.
Scanning the other again, a head canted and a decision to speak.

"Is it comfortable to sleep there?"


      "…Y’get used to it." His response was quiet, voice made slow by sleep.
      “‘T’s no’ as bad as it looks. An’ if you’re tired ‘nough, y’can sleep anywhere.” 
        There came a shrug, the shade arching his back slightly in a semblance of a stretch. "What’re y’doing here, anyway…? No’ many bother t’venture out this far, so you’ve got to have some reason.” 




Odd looking one, like she had room to talk. To disturb or not to.


      As if sensing a presence, the shade stirred, eyelids flickering open, scarlet eyes, clouded from sleep, taking in the stranger before him.
      A yawn came, though that was stifled by a gloved hand–– He said nothing, though his gaze was a wary one.


      ––He may or may not be asleep.

____-_I hope the thought of me makes your skin crawl.
Ten Word Poem by Pien Pouwels   (via mirroir)



「 ❦ 」

Aria ceases her struggling, and gives a long, defeated sigh. ” ….. Yes, please. ”

      Observe as he reaches up to the top shelf with great ease.
      "What is it y’wanted from up here?"